Booking Terms & Conditions

Any booking made with Maria Hair & Makeup is subject to the following Terms and Conditions

This is legally binding – So please read carefully.

The bridal trial date and time must be confirmed back to us in writing (by email) and the next payment of 75% of the final balance should be paid in full to the artist at the time of the trial. You can make this payment by Cash, Debit Card, *Credit Card or BACS *2.5% fee. However, should you choose the last option it would have to be transferred before the trial or during while you are still with the artist.

If one artist is not enough for your wedding day and you request more than the company’s recommended team, there may be an additional charge at £20.00 per hour. This will be at the discretion of management.


How to Pay:

Payments can be made by Cash, Debit Card, *Credit Card, *PayPal or BACS *2.5% fee. The final payment of 25% for your wedding day will be required 7 days before the actual wedding day, unless otherwise agreed. If the final balance has not cleared 7 days before the wedding day and the payment schedule as per terms and conditions has not been adhered to then the management have the right to cancel the booking and pursue the final balance via any legal procedures, we see fit at that time.

Parking and congestion charges are to be covered by the client. You will be charged 35p per mile, if you are outside the artist’s home town.


If you decide to make any amendments or wish to cancel please do so 12 weeks before your wedding day, After the 12 week frame the full amount agreed on your invoice would still be payable. Any changes should be made in writing and signed by both parties.


We offer a very unique service that the artists will stay with you until you are happy but in the event that you are not happy by no fault of your own then we may offer you another trial for that particular service free of charge. Please note this is only at the discretion of management. We will only offer this service under specific circumstances. If you are not happy with the trial and is at no fault of the artists, we can offer you an additional trial at a discounted price however if you decide to terminate the booking then the cancellation terms must be adhered to.


Please note during the trial process pictures will be taken by artist to enable them to record the correct look for the wedding day. These pictures remain the property of Maria Hair and Makeup and any cancellations made prior to the wedding day, these pictures will not be made available.

Photographs will also be taken on the wedding day by the artist to record their work and may be used in promotional material. If you do not wish for these photographs to be used please let the artist know on the wedding day.


We offer a full range of make-up, hair products, human hair extensions, wedding underwear, garters, crystal/button bouquets, artificial flowers, wedding jewellery, bags and wedding hair accessories Inc. Crystal Tiaras, Clips, Hair Pins, Veils, and much more. Because of hygiene purposes we do not offer any refunds. Exchanges at the discretion of management.

Additional Services

We also offer other services such as all hairdressing, occasion hair or make-up, make up lessons, pamper parties, HD airbrushing, HD brows, threading, waxing, eye brow/lash tinting, lash lift, semi perm eyelash extensions, party lashes, individual lashes, nails, spray tan parties and massage. Please note that any additional treatments are separate from your wedding booking and will not be linked to any wedding contract you have with us. Any one other treatment from additional services would be treated as a separate booking and must be paid at time of treatment unless agreed otherwise.

If the client request eye lashes, either individual or strips we advise that the client should have a patch test of the adhesive used at least 24 hours before the treatment. It’s the client’s responsibility to request a patch test and contact the artist. If the client does not wish to have a patch test then they need to sign a disclaimer to that affect and the company cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions.

If you do have any known allergies you must inform the artist before any treatments are carried out. In the event of any allergic reaction, neither the client or the company would be held responsible. No further compensation will be paid.


In the unlikely event the artist is to unwell to attend the wedding day or for other unforeseen circumstances then we will immediately try to find another artist to be sent in their place. Please note the bride would not be notified of any changes until the replacement artist has arrived, to avoid any unnecessary stress. However, a manger will contact you if we need to make you aware of any slight alterations of the schedule. This will not affect the whole pamper experience or your final look. If it is not possible to send another artist you will receive a full refund of monies paid, excluding any trial or retail costs. No further compensation will be paid.


On the day of the wedding we will travel to your chosen location at the agreed time. We have a very positive reputation for always being on time allowing us enough time to set up and find the correct lighting. However, should for any reason the artist/s be delayed from no fault of their own due to acts of god, accidents and other reasons beyond the artist/s control then the senior artist linked to your booking will call you to explain the situation to give you a new time frame or to inform you of the replacement artist/s that would already be on route to you.


In the event of cancellation, you will lose your deposit plus any costs occurred, to that point. If you decide to cancel within the 12-week frame but before you have had your trial, you will lose your deposit and also incur a set cancellation fee of £150 to cover costs of any booking preparation, loss of earnings and already booked hair and make-up artist’s fees. Should you cancel after your trial and within the 12-week frame then the full amount will still be payable.

Please note by paying a deposit you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions of your booking and therefore should follow the terms and conditions unless agreed otherwise.

Once we receive your deposit and booking form preferably via email, we will presume you have read and understood the terms and conditions, therefore by paying your deposit and continuing with your booking you accept all the terms and conditions and are happy to continue on to the next stage. We will forward on all the confirmation paperwork and wedding guides. Once you receive your wedding confirmation paperwork you can be assured that your wedding hair and make-up team is booked. Please note it is then your responsibility to book a trial no later than the recommended 4-6 weeks, before the big day.

If a member of our team is made to feel uncomfortable in anyway, or mistreated, or if anyone becomes abusive/violent or displays any offensive behaviour, we have the right to cancel the contract without refund. In the event of extreme weather conditions where the ‘Met office’ has issued a ‘Red’ warning, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. We will refund all monies as a gesture of goodwill, excluding trial costs and deposit.